RP 161 (Burdekin) 

One-on-One Extension with Growers
Over the last three years, 156 Burdekin farms have successfully been involved in RP161. Building on the great work conducted through RP20, RP161 provides practical assistance and extension to growers and aims to improve productivity and profitability while supporting growers’ move to SIX EASY STEPS. The RP161 project also supports growers to meet their regulatory requirements and provides a grower folder and USB so all information is in one place. Growers involved in the project will recieve:

  • Tailored, spatially mapped whole farm nutrient plan
  • Agronomic advice for 1 year
  • 2 free items from the following list: soil test, EC mapping (up to 10ha), G-Dot moisture sensor, or  water alert sensors. 
  • Assistance with a fertiliser box calibration
  • Nutrient application data recorded in line with regulations
  • All historical soil sample data spatially allocated
  • Crop plans with variety and class analysis
  • Google Earth training
  • SIX EASY STEPS course

For a more in depth explanation of the RP 161 process, check out the Farmacist Blog.  or contact the Burdekin office on (07) 4782 2300 to sign up.

The RP161 project is funded through the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Program and the Australian Government’s Reef Trust, in partnership with Farmacist and SRA.
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