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Crop monitoring & on-farm support

With qualified agronomists all along the Queensland coast and into NSW, Farmacist is the largest provider of independent agronomic advice in Australia. Our team works with a variety of growers from small family farms to corporate entities. We take a holistic approach to developing management plans and strategies, taking all aspects of your farming system into account. 


Our staff are experienced in crop monitoring from planting to harvest for a vast range of crops including: sugarcane, grain, legumes, pasture, fibres and horticulture. As independent advisors, you can trust that our advice is science-based and in the best interest of your cropping system. 


Farmacist agronomists are able to assist growers with on-farm calibrations of fertiliser boxes with cogs, char-lyn motors and several GPS systems (including Trimble, Agleader and Greenstar). We can also help with calibrating spray rigs, Confidor or suSCon-maxi applicators and planters. 

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