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Aerial Paddock Surveying 

Farmacist has been involved in the unmanned aerial vehicle space for more than 5 years, exploring the capabilities of drones in the agriculture industry. We have two CASA accredited Remote Pilots, capable of flying commercially and for research purposes. Currently Farmacist is operating one DJI Phantom 4 (fitted with the Parrot Sequoia agricultural multispectral drone sensor), two Phantom 4 Pro drones which are used for mapping and RGB analysis, and a DJI Mavic mini which is used for crop scouting and aerial imagery.


Farmacist is consistently pushing the limits of drone technology in agriculture. We utilise precise imagery to produce outputs that increase efficiencies for growers in the form of crop health analysis, scouting, NDVI maps, whole of farm mapping and variable rate application maps. We also have the capability to process all imagery in-house and produce outputs very quickly to ensure the right decision is made at the right time.

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