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  • Writer's pictureZoe Eagger, Farmacist Spatial Agronomist

Support offered to project participants

Peter Gibson (Mackay region) is part of Project Point-of-Difference (P.O.D.) and the pilot Project Bluewater 1. Combined, these projects provide the participants with all the support required to use their GPS screen, and complete fertiliser and chemical management.

POD Project Manager Zoe Eagger (Farmacist Mackay) paid Peter an on-farm visit to show him how to use his Autofarm Integra screen to do the necessary calibrations, as it was Peter’s first time calibrating his new hydraulic controlled fertiliser box and Confidor applicator.

Adam Keilbach (Project Bluewater) also came to teach Peter how to calibrate his Confidor applicator. Adam adjusted the applicator to ensure the correct depth of the Confidor was between 100mm -150mm. Adam also checked that the slot was being closed to reduce loss pathways and improve chemical effectiveness.

It is important to calibrate the fertiliser box every time a new product is applied for the first time as the bulk density changes between products (the size and density of the individual granules vary between products). It is best practice to calibrate with each new batch of fertiliser or if the fertiliser has been sitting in the shed for a while as it can absorb moisture and then change the product’s bulk density despite being previously calibrated to that product.

Farmacist growers may be able to access this level of support if they are a client or if they are part of P.O.D. (Mackay) or P2D (Burdekin and Cairns), or Project Bluewater.

Photos: 1) Zoe Eagger (Farmacist) and Peter Gibson calibrating the hydraulic controlled fertiliser box and GPS.

2) Adam Keilbach (Farmacist) checking the depth of the Confidor application with grower Peter Gibson. (Photos property of Farmacist Pty Ltd).

The Point Of Difference, Precision to Decision, and Project Bluewater projects are funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and Farmacist Pty Ltd.


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