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About us

Farmacist began providing agronomy services in the Mackay and Burdekin regions in 2010. Our dedication to farmer’s needs, high quality service and support, application of the latest technology and R&D, and ultimately practical and precise agronomy, has seen the company grow to more than 40 qualified staff servicing industries and farmers from Northern NSW to Far North Queensland.


We are proud to now be the largest independent agronomic provider to the Australian sugar industry.

Independent Agronomy Services

Precision Agronomy Services

Farmacist is ideally placed where agriculture and innovation meet. We provide the customised, site specific assistance your farming business needs. Integration of the latest science, technology and digital data layers supports the right decision to be made in the right place at the right time.

A cornerstone of Farmacist's work is precision agriculture. We are a leading provider of precision agriculture solutions in a variety of cropping systems. With our own soil mapping and satellite data capture capabilities, as well in-house processing, Farmacist is able to assist you with all of your precision agriculture needs from mapping to sampling to prescription mapping for ameliorants.  



Agronomic Services

Our team has experience in a wide range of crops, from sugarcane to horticulture. As an independent service provider, you can be assured our recommendations are based on what is best for your crop and your back pocket.

Geospatial Services


Farmacist is a leading provider of precision agronomy solutions. From soil mapping to drones and satellite imagery, Farmacist is able to collect and utilise many elements of spatial data to tailor recommendations to your farming system.

Satellite data capture

Research, Extension & Projects


The Farmacist team prides themselves in developing and delivering statistically sound and industry relevant research trials in a variety of crops. Our team is also skilled in extension, helping to upskill and support growers in an evolving agricultural industry. 

Technology & Innovation


Designed by people on the ground and working with growers, Farmacist strives for innovation to help growers with their agricultural production. Our innovative products include software for accurate record keeping, timed actuators for the introduction of automated devices, GPS & RTK networks, and there is always more on the way!

Newsletters & Events

Farmacist News

Spring 2023

In this issue: Precision ag projects deliver for growers, granulated lime vs Ag-Lime, moth borers, countdown to tick season, building spray booms, biobed updates, + more!

Farmacist News

Winter 2023

In this issue: Greyback canegrub control, biobed trial, microbes for better beef, tea tree "stump death", leaf sampling for nutrition management, grass control, POD/P2D + more!

Farmacist News

Autumn 2023

In this issue: planting prep, Variable Rate Technology, grazing minimum standards, N&P budgets, sodic vs dispersive soils + more!

Farmacist News

Sep-Oct 2022

In this issue: irrigating for readily available water, Bugs with Billie, waterlogged soils, timely soil mapping, herbicide demo trial + more!

Planning for Productivity

9am - 1pm Thursday 14/09/23


Free information session in WALKERSTON discussing ticks and worms, nutritional requirements, disease and vaccination.

PayDirt (Northern Australia)


This is a simple and straight forward three-session training package to empower participants to make informed decisions about managing the improvement of their soil.


Other areas of specialty

Did you know that Farmacist work with a range of other production systems, including:

  • soybeans and mung beans

  • sesame and other oilseeds

  • rangeland grazing

  • horticulture development

  • banana

  • peanuts

  • tea tree

  • intensive cattle production

  • and more!

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