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History & growth

Farmacist began providing agronomy services in the Mackay and Burdekin regions in 2010. Our dedication to farmer’s needs, high quality service and support, application of the latest technology and R&D, and ultimately practical and precise agronomy, has seen the company grow to more than 40 qualified staff servicing industries and farmers from Northern NSW to Far North Queensland. We are proud to now be the largest independent agronomic provider to the Australian sugar industry.

Farmacist is ideally placed where agriculture and innovation meet. We provide the customised, site specific assistance your farming business needs. Integration of the latest science, technology and digital data layers supports the right decision to be made in the right place at the right time.


Why Farmacist?

When you work with Farmacist, you gain a partner who:
  • Is independent, so you know you are receiving unbiased advice and we work to benefit the farmer.

  • Understands that crop health starts with the soil, and will work with you to improve your crops from the ground up.

  • Is able to plan for the future of your farm and provide strategic plans to assist with improving your farm management.

  • Utilises and develops the latest technology to better understand your land and water resources.

  • Is supported by a team of talented and passionate agronomists who want to see you succeed.

  • Farmacist works with you to strengthen your agribusiness, and uses precision agronomy technology and practices to help improve your yield, efficiency and the bottom line.


Not only is Farmacist seen as the largest independent agronomy provider in Australia’s sugar industry, we also work with a range of other production systems including:

  • soybeans and mung beans

  • sesame and other oilseeds

  • rangeland grazing

  • horticulture development

  • bananas

  • peanuts

  • tea tree

  • intensive cattle production

The employees at Farmacist are committed to finding agronomic solutions that benefit you and your business. Our staff have up-to-date qualifications and certifications and know the importance of agriculture to you and the community.


Farmacist has a dedicated agronomy team across four regions who continually strive to strengthen local agricultural industries.

Our people

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