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Precision to Decision

The Precision to Decision Project, or P2D for short, is a great opportunity for growers to understand their farm on a deeper level. The focus of the project is to reduce DIN losses from our farming systems by not only using our inputs more effectively, but by also by understanding our constraints to yield and improve production and profitability.


To achieve these goals, we need to understand the soils and the variability within blocks. This way we can best tailor the nutritional requirements and varieties to individual soil types. 


The project also ensures growers are equipped with N and P budgets for the upcoming year in-line with reef regulations.  To do this we need accurate block polygons and the importance of calibrating our machinery is essential.  The project also supports growers with this using cutting edge technologies.


And most importantly, the project is focused on providing a legacy to our participants for a long time after the project is finished through EM mapping, precision agriculture data sets, and a much better understanding of our farms.

Precision to Decision is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government's Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and Farmacist Pty Ltd.


  Precision to Decision includes:

  • Up to 4 years of whole farm management planning

  • On-farm agronomic support

  • Soil mapping using the latest electromagnetic induction technology

  • Variable rate gypsum maps

  • Free additional soil samples to understand your farm better

  • Accurate farm block boundaries and areas using 4cm accurate RTK GPS

  • Crop plans containing variety and class analysis to ensure we have the best varieties for your farm

  • Satellite yield maps to identify issues with soakage (or other constraints) and know where our high and low productivity areas are

  • All current and historical soil tests spatially allocated so all your information is in one place

  • Calibration support and access to the Farmacist apps to make this task easy

  • Nutrient record keeping and audit support

  • Access to the Farmacist Connect App where record keeping is made easy


The Precision to Decision Project is set to run until June 2024.  Places are limited.  If you would like more information on the project, or want to be involved in next years intake, please contact your nearest Farmacist representative.

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