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Soil mapping

​Benefits of EM mapping:

  • Identifying areas that are susceptible to yield-limiting constraints, allowing  targeted management

  • Establish the most appropriate soil sampling locations, to optimise your nutrient budgets

  • Adding another level of accuracy to variable rate applications

  • Identifying the most suitable location for soil moisture probes and other monitoring equipment

EM Mapping is a reliable option for soil condition assessment and paddock zoning according to soil type. It is an effective way of measuring soil texture, moisture, and salinity to enable growers to manage certain areas of their paddocks in accordance with the soil types.  


This information is important for the application of ameliorants (lime/gypsum, mill mud/ash), fertiliser, irrigation, and other inputs. When the map is ground truthed with soil samples, it provides growers with an accurate representation of what is happening in the soil profile as opposed to just the soil surface.


If you're interested in having your paddock EM mapped, or have any questions about the mapping process, please contact one of our offices.

TSM EM mapper

The TSM Machine produces maps in real-time, allowing faster data interpretation, ground-truthing, and on-ground-action to be taken!


The TSM Machine does not require soil-to-instrument contact and has a measurement depth of 1 meter. This allows for a quick and comprehensive assessment of each paddock, helping you to make informed decisions regarding soil management, including cultivation, prescription ameliorants, and irrigation. 

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