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Farmacist Connect

Farm management, record-keeping and compliance app

Farmacist Connect, an app made by Farmacist for growers, addresses all the requirements needed for accurate record-keeping and regulatory compliance. It will eliminate the need for transferring records as the app can be used on both Android and iOS smart phones, so it will always be at your fingertips.

With a single app, you can keep track of:

  • Chemical application records

  • Nutrient application records

  • Irrigation management

  • Whole-farm management, including complementary and fallow cropping cycles.

  • Sugarcane, grazing, legumes and more!

The app is designed to be extremely user-friendly while still delivering on record-keeping capabilities. Farmacist Connect is currently in its beta phase, but the full release is hopefully just around the corner. Farmacist is also taking expressions of interest from those who are looking to start their digital record-keeping journey who would like to participate in the next round of the beta testing phase. Contact your nearest Farmacist office or talk to your agronomist for more information about Farmacist Connect and how you can join to test out digital record keeping!

Timed actuators

These market ready timed actuators are built with premium componentry and will provide the perfect stepping stone for the gradual introduction of automated devices to growers. Like a timed pump switch, you enter the time you need the set change and leave the rest to the device. This functionality eliminates the need to get up through the night to change sets and allows for greater time efficiency when it comes to irrigation management.


The installation of automated actuators on fully integrated communication networks can come with a considerably large setup cost. Full automation can present logistical and financial hurdles as every irrigation set on farm requires an automated valve.


For growers looking to gradually move into full automation, or partial automation, these timed actuators are the perfect place to start and build upon. For more information, contact Chris at Farmacist (Ayr) on 0438 331 527.

The timers are:

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Practically designed in the way of installation and removal

  • Constructed with readily available/serviceable components

  • Adaptable to any future form of automation

  • Serviced and installed by a local commercial entity

  • Using a market leading form of actuator with built in “4-wire control” capable of live state notification

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Timed Actuators

Designed and manufactured by Justin Byers at EAS Pty Ltd

Designed and manufactured by Justin Byers at EAS Pty Ltd

Technology & Innovation

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