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Data management

Keeping your records with Farmacist ensures that they will be accurate and spatially recorded for future use. Farmacist's unique data management system ensures that you will have the location of each record as well as all of the necessary data inputs for future use. 

We can help you record:

  • Nutrient 

  • Pesticides

  • Lime/Gypsum

  • Mill Mud/Ash Applications

  • Irrigation

  • Soil Sample Data

  • Sugarcane Class/Variety

  • Alternative Crops

  • Water & Tissue Analysis

  • and much, much more!

What we offer

Spatial data

Block numbers may change, but GPS locations do not. Farmacist spatially allocates your data to save you remembering where that sample or record is from, help you keep all of your data in one place, and allows us to resample the same location in the future to assess changes and improvements.

Record keeping

Collecting nutrient, pesticide and irrigation records is made easy when you work with Farmacist staff! We work with you to develop record keeping strategies that you can incorporate into your day to day farming operation.

Data collection software

Farmacist has developed Farmacist Connect and The Farmacist App to help growers keep track of their farming records. We have our own data management software (GSM) capable of storing and managing spatial farm data and producing recommendations.

Privacy and security

Data held by Farmacist is protected by our data privacy policy - we will not share your data without permission, and you can access your data at your request.

Real time data

Farmacist has developed a number of sensors to provide you with real-time data to help you make informed decisions when you need to.

Quality assurance

Our staff are vigilant with data recording and management and Farmacist has policies in place to maintain our high standard of data collection and reporting.

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