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CRCNA Developing an oilseed industry in northern Australia


This project aims to identify a variety of oilseed crops with commercial potential, which will become a  profitable and valuable element to the northern Australian agricultural industry. 


small scale trials of both summer and winter oilseed crops have shown promising results. Oilseed crops trailed included nigella, mustards, canola, sesame, soybean, safflower, and linseed.


For more information about the CRCNA  project  specifics, please see their website: Developing an oilseed industry in Northern Australia | CRCNA

Farmacist is working in conjunction with CRCNA, Olive Vale Pastoral, Lakeland Farming Trust, and Savannah Ag Research; to trial a variety of oilseeds in north Queensland. These trial will examine and evaluate the potential of an expansive Oilseed Industry in the future. 


Farmacist's own Nick Hill has already commenced trials in both the Mackay and Burdekin region. 

Farmacist acknowledges the financial support of the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia which is part of the Australian Government's CRCP. The CRCP acknowledges the additional support provided by the WA, NT and Queensland Governments. We also acknowledge the financial and in-kind support of the project participants.


Summer Soybean 2020/2021 Mackay


"What is the best sowing rate for these new varieties?” 

Plant population densities under investigation are: 200, 250, 300 and 350 thousand  plants per ha which will be applied to 3 varieties of interest: Kuranda, New Bunya and Mossman, with the outcomes compared to Leichhardt which, due to its established history in the region, will be used as an indicator variety.


Mid-December 2020 marked the start of the trial, as the four varieties were planted. Key events like emergence, Biomass cuts and farming managements are listed below in the field walk handout. The Mackay trial site is located 20min outside the CBD near Walkerston. The plot is monitored regularly and irrigated when needed, in accordance with ground moisture readers. 

Click here for Field Walk Handout


Lakeland Summer Soybean

Case study

Mackay Variety by Seeding Rate

Trial results

Burdekin Sesame Nitrogen Rate


PB Agrifood

Soybean fact sheet

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