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Project Bluewater

Project Bluewater is an on-ground initiative working to improve pesticide use efficiency in the Mackay-Whitsunday and Lower Burdekin region. Throughout 2019 and 2020, specialist Farmacist agronomists have been working with over 140 farms to support sugarcane growers in their chemical choice and application strategies.


The project involves:

  • Tailored, spatially mapped, whole farm pesticide management plans

  • Spray rig assessment and calibrations

  • Advanced spray application and pesticides workshops

  • Support with pesticide application data recording, to comply with legal requirements

  • Grower driven field trials

  • Substantial boom upgrades and weather monitoring equipment

  • Agronomic advice for duration of project

  • Nozzle upgrades and spray water quality analysis

This project is funded through the Australian Government’s Reef Trust in partnership with the Great barrier Reef Foundation and Farmacist Pty Ltd

Project Bluewater is set to run until June 2024. If you would like more information on the project or want to be involved, contact your nearest Farmacist representative.


Upgrading A Grower's Spray Rig - A Case Study

In this video, BW2 participant Athol is shown around his upgraded rig by Farmacist's Chris Doblo.


Biobed Project Update: Koumala Commercial Biobed Outcomes

Biobeds are a form of bioreactor that contains a mixture of straw or cane trash, compost and topsoil.


Applying Fertiliser At The Right Time

Michael and Joe talk about grass control and timely herbicide application in plant cane.


Being Proactive For Grass


We DO have options outside of the knockdown group of products, namely the pre-emergent herbicides.


Plant Cane Pre-Emergent Grass Herbicide Demonstration Trial

Proj BW has undertaken a replicated demonstration strip trial to compare 2 pre-emergent grass herbicides.

Article - Sept 2022

Col Bourke: Advocate For Good Chemical Records - A Case Study

Col has seen and made a lot of changes to the way he grows cane over the years. Now, he is a champion record keeper.


Reducing Crop Damage With  Chemical Choice 

Sandy soils caused issues in the past with chemical choices and a significant reduction in yield due to crop damage.

Case Study - July 2022

Nozzle Selection Increasing Efficiency For Spray Contractors

Depending on crop stage, equipment availability and time, many growers get spray contractors to apply pesticides.

Case Study - May 2022

New Non Air-Inducted Nozzle Options For Irvin Spray Bars

Finding a nozzle that produces a Very Course (VC) droplet spectrum has been difficult until now.

Article - May 2022

Project Bluewater Fact Sheets

Are all Floodjets the same? In October 2018 the APVMA introduced new label requirements for products containing the active ingredient 2,4-D.

Floodjet Nozzles

June 2020

Recent legislative changes regarding the use of 2 4 D, have meant that the Irvin spraying system must be upgraded to comply with spray droplet requirements.

Legs to Dropper

June 2020

Poor quality spray water can significantly reduce the effectiveness of glyphosate and 2,4-D amine (and other pesticides).

Spray Water Quality

June 2020

Six Key Methods to Canegrub Control!

Greyback Canegrubs

Jan 2022

Aim: To trial Trifluralin as a pre-emergent weed control option in plant cane.

Trifluralin for Pre-Plant

Jan 2022

A trial was carried out to compare these residuals against alternative products, looking at weed control and chemical runoff.

Alternative Herbicide Demonstration

Nov 2020

A Case Study: Alternatives to Diuron for the pre-emergent control of weeds in early tillering plant cane

Alternative to Diuron 

July 2022

Sandy soils with low cation exchange capacity (CEC) are often problematic for growers to manage herbicides and weeds effectively.

Weed Management on Sandy Soils

July 2021

A demonstration trial was established to compare the performance of 3 residual herbicide alternatives to commonly used Diuron®, applied to the trash blanket after harvest.

Residual Herbicide Comparison

July 2021

A demonstration site was established to compare residual herbicide options on a heavier soil type near Koumala, approximately 45Km south of Mackay. This site has high broadleaf weed and vine pressure.

Alternative Residual Herbicides

July 2021

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