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Soil & yield mapping

Using our in-house soil mapping equipment, Farmacist is able to map your paddocks, ground truth, interpret and provide recommendations for each zone. This can save you input costs when treating issues such as sodic soils. Furthermore, we can use satellite imagery to develop zones you can use in management decisions.

Whole farm nutrient planning

Farmacist staff use several layers of information to develop WFNPs, including historical soil sample data, paddock history (legumes and mill mud/ash application), irrigation systems (and water quality), yield mapping, varieties, and crop class to develop a nutrient plan to suit you and your farm.

Integrated pest management

Farmacist can provide crop monitoring services on a variety of crops and independent advice on how best to manage any pest and weed issues you may have. We are well versed in Integrated Pest Management and can assist you in both short and long term solutions.

Spatially allocated soil test data

Soil samples collected by Farmacist are GPS marked, allowing us to resample the same site in the future to compare whether the soil has changed. We also spatially allocate historical soil samples from other providers, helping you to keep your soil samples in one place.

Crop & variety analysis

Choice of varieties can impact yield and your risk profile as a grower. If you're growing multiple crops, keeping track of your cropping area is essential to ensuring you can supply each market. Using our software, we are able to analyse your current varieties and forecast into future years to inform your future decisions.

Irrigation system mapping & planning

Farmacist staff are experienced in several irrigation systems, including furrow, overhead, and trickle. We are able to provide advice on improving irrigation efficiency through scheduling tools, monitoring irrigation volumes and irrigation record keeping.

Whole farm planning

There are many elements that are part of a farming system and each element influences the other when you're making management decisions. It makes sense then for us to to look at your farming system as a whole when making recommendations. Farmacist aims to deliver holistic and practical advice to growers. This ensures you recieve a plan individualised to your system and we have confidence that our advice will benefit you in the long term. 

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