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Sample analysis

Collecting representative soil, water and plant tissue samples is essential to providing accurate recommendations. Sample taking methods vary depending on the type of sample, analysis required and why the sample is being taken. Farmacist has several protocols in place to ensure that samples taken are to the correct depth or from the correct plant part, at the proper timing and an adequate sample size is sent away. 


Our staff are Fertcare Level C accredited to ensure our soil sampling technique meets industry standard and regulatory requirements. Farmacist works with NATA and ASPAC accredited laboratories. Samples taken by Farmacist are GPS located, allowing us to return to the same location each time and compare the results over time. We also use various layers of spatial imagery (such as soil maps, EC/EM maps, satellite imagery and yield maps) to identify representative zones in the paddock. This helps ensure that the sample sent to the lab is representative of the paddock.


We can also use this information to identify zones within the paddock (e.g. high vs low yielding zones), investigate what these difference between the zones are and develop management strategies to help improve soil conditions and improve yield. 

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