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Grazing & Cattle

Farmacist offer a number of services that can support and build your grazing operation. 


General agronomy:

  • Pasture

  • Forage crops, including hay and silage

  • Leucaena

  • Pasture species selection

  • Pest and disease management

  • Yield assessments, including biomass sampling and satellite imagery

  • Irrigation management plans


Grazing and pasture management:

  • Advice in grazing land condition management including pasture production, soil health and grazing management

  • Ground cover management, regulations and compliance requirements


Soil, water and leaf testing services:

  • Soil sampling and analysis

  • Plant tissue testing

  • NIRS faecal testing and forage testing

  • Chemical and nutrient water analysis

  • Heavy metals and organochloride analysis

  • Water quality testing

Regulations and compliance services:

  • Vegetation management

  • Reef regulations

  • Land condition assessments

  • Record keeping

  • Biosecurity planning

  • Compliance audit support


Forage and pasture nutrient packages:

  • Whole farm nutrient management plan

  • Lime/gypsum plan

  • Crop and variety data management

  • Application data recording


Precision Agriculture:

  • Electromagnetic soils mapping

  • Satellite imagery analysis for yield and vigour, and NDVI analysis

  • Variable rate prescription maps (fertiliser, lime, gypsum, mill mud/ash)

  • GPS data management

  • Elevation survey, laser or drainage design

  • Drone mapping


Chemical management plan:

  • Spray rig assessment

  • Chemical recommendations

  • Pesticide management plan

  • Record keeping support


Equipment hire and seed mixes:

  • Great Plains minimum tillage planter

  • Air seeders

  • Crimp roller

  • Wavy disc cultivator

  • Summer and winter multispecies seed mixes plus straights


Custom service packages can be developed to suit your individual needs and budget. Contact your local Farmacist office today to discuss your specific requirements.


Diverse Interests 

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